Don't you just hate it when you suddenly realise that it is a friends birthday and you don't have a nice card to hand? Or you just want to let someone know you are thinking of them, and want a card that will bring a little joy to their day.

I have recently started working with the people at '' to produce some beautiful postcards. This organisation has great eco credentials, produces the cards in the UK, ships worldwide, and believes in offering artists a fair deal.

How about stocking up on some lovely cards to suit any occasion?

Here's the link:

In 2013 I had the opportunity to move to Kenya for 2 years with my family.

These were 2 of the best years of my life; safaris, climbing Mount Kenya and mountain biking down it, and 2 half marathons in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy were a few of the highlights.

I met a variety of artists whilst living in this beautiful country and the photo below is of me painting in the grounds of Mount Kenya Safari Club, where a fellow artist was resident.

At this time I had no idea that I would follow my dream of becoming a professional artist within the next couple of years.

My mum was an incredible seamstress. She made all my clothes until I was a young adult. The other girls at school would ask where I got my summer uniform dresses from, as I had all kinds of fashionable designs that weren't available in the usual uniform outlets. "My mum made them" came my reply.

My maternal grandmother was a professional seamstress who made all her grandchildren cuddly toys at Christmas

My paternal grandmother was amazing at embroidery, and I treasure some of her work.

In short, the talent with needle, stitch, and sewing machine, was great in my family. And yet, I didn't learn how to use a sewing machine until I was 49! Once I got started, there was no stopping me. I am so glad that mum got to witness the beginning of my career as a textile artist before she died, and see that I was 'a chip off the old block' after all. The threads that you see in front, and behind, me in this photo are some of the many I inherited from my mums life-time of sewing.

Hi, I am Katy Rundle and here I am with the first piece of textile art that I created in 2016. I had recently learned to use a sewing machine and had made bespoke quilts over the previous months.

My daughters school invited parents to submit art for a fundraising exhibition and I decided to use my new found skills in appliqué and stitch to form a fabric collage composition.

Hazlegrove School is approached via a lane that runs through ancient grazing land, and invariably there are obstinate cattle obstructing the road. This was my inspiration for the piece.

On the day of the exhibition, I was excited and nervous to hear people's reaction to my art. It turned out to be a pivotal point in my life. The piece sold and 4 further commissions for similar pieces followed. My dream to become a full time, professional artist was about to come true!

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