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  • "The hippo continues to bring peace and happiness into my home/life - I can spend hours gazing at it - in the morning light it appears as if the sun has just risen reflecting the colours in the background. It is truly amazing! A true work of art that brings many hours of pleasure!"

    Client - Commissioned Textile Art

  • “Katy's 'Grazing Zebra' is the most beautiful piece of art that I own. Looking at it brings, in equal measure, joy and and a sense of calm. The way Katy captures the essence and soul of these animals is incredible. Her eye for colour and detail is amazing and the way she uses thousands of stitches to create her stunning textile pieces is astounding.”

    Client - Commissioned Textile Art

  • “This lovely piece of work by Katy reminded me of times spent in Kenya with the family so it was inevitable that I had to have it on my wall at home. Elephants already have my respect from being gentle giants to sometimes showing extreme aggression. Katy’s elephant, I feel, portrays both of these characteristics. The strong colours of the materials used and the carefully thought out stitching bring out the imposing stature of this wonderful creature. The iconic Koitogor Hill in the background also comes to life with Katy’s vision for using light and shadows. Katy is certainly a very talented artist.”

    Client - Commissioned Textile Art

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